What is Slow Marriage?

bigstock-Street-dancers-performing-tang-28915865Slow Marriage is not about off-loading the stuff you love, or giving up on your dreams.  Instead, let’s get past silly tips and mommy wars and figure out how to make love last in the midst of a hurried life.  

I’m a midtown Manhattan marriage counselor with roots in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  In my practice I work with some of the most hurried people on the planet.  Too often, I find, partners expect a marriage to support them through a breathtakingly busy life without realizing that a marriage nurtures us only when we nurture it.  

I’m learning from the slow food movement.  Let’s talk about how to grow a marriage that is sustainable, deeply nourishing, and delicious.

Time is a silent partner in every marriage.  Time is central to some of the most frequent couple conflicts — stress; differences in pace (walking, travel, conversation); different body clocks (bedtimes, wakeups); even our arguing styles.  Shift your focus from trying to “manage” time to creating a stronger relationship with time, and you’ll discover what a powerful force it can be in your marriage. 

One of the great blessings of a lifelong relationship is the opportunity to learn and grow over the years.  In the course of decades, a marriage struggles — or flourishes — in the face of astonishing changes in society and technology.  Explore this site and you’ll find research from a broad range of fields, from mental health to business to physiology.  I’m interested in men’s and women’s studies, stress, work life integration, workplace issues, spirituality as expressed in many faiths.

Here you’ll find encouragement and practical help creating a marriage that is less stressed and more satisfying.  As we approach this project together, let’s make this a conversation.  Read my Slow Marriage blog posts here and please post your own thoughts and experiences.





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