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Welcome!  Slow marriage is an idea that’s been fermenting in my mind for a long time.  As a New York marriage counselor for over 20 years with a practice in midtown Manhattan, I work with some of the most hurried people on the planet.  (You may have seen me interviewed in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, Women’s Health, and elsewhere.)  And I’ve been married for a good long time myself.  Check my Amazon author page to see the books I’ve written on a meaningful approach to family life.  By now I’ve learned some things about what nurtures a relationship — and what gets in the way — and I’m eager to share ideas and experiences here with you.

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    Carolyn Parks October 28, 2013

    Hi Jean,
    I am launching a blog style website in the next couple of months called SlowStruck (tagline is: taking time is the ultimate rush). This will be an online magazine, featuring interviews, stories, engaging tips and resources and contributors in various areas of our life: work/career, health and wellness, relationships, leisure, food, and engagement (work in the greater picture of life – community, global, etc.).
    The goal is to focus on how small things – small insights, small changes – can lead to positive change in our lives and for those around us.
    We’re not attempting to be academic or theoretical in our approach…we will always aim for a very dynamic and mainstream appeal, providing palatable ‘bite sized’ morsels for people to savour and enjoy :).
    I love what you stand for…meaningful approach to family life.
    I realize you have your own site here, but I wonder if you’d be interested in discussing being a contributor for SlowStruck? If you’d like to talk further, please let me know and perhaps we can connect by phone.
    Thanks so much,

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